Susan Boulton: author
Susan Boulton: author

Oracle is sadly now out of print. It has been an exciting three years! 

Oracle is now available in paperback from;


And as an ebook here:



Ebook on Amazon


Also available now in paperback from Amazon.


Amazon Paperback


So pleased. And a big hug to my publisher my Gary Compton,  and my editors Sam and Teresa.


The rear cover of my book, Oracle.
The final front cover for my book, Oracle.

New Press Release

Susan Boulton's new novel, Oracle is ready to go.


I have just received quotes from the writing legends that are, Ian Whates and Kim Lakin-Smith.


“Steam power is king in Susan Boulton’s compelling novel, a helter-skelter ride of intrigue and wonder set against a vividly imagined world in the throes of great social and industrial upheaval. Fully realised characters, twists, thrilling narrative, and a touch of the divine: I challenge anyone who picks up Oracle to put it down again without having read all the way through to the end.” – Ian Whates


“Susan Boulton is an empress of Gaslight Fantasy. Her debut novel, Oracle, weaves a rich damask of political intrigue and power wrangling, seers and science, industrial revolutions and grand engines, elegant design and a whole head of steam.” – Kim Lakin-Smith.


Can't ague with any of that! Thank you guys. smile emoticon

Thanks to the editorial team, Teresa Edgerton and Sam Primeau - you did an amazing job!

Last few signed copies available on the Tickety Boo Press website.…



Part of the press release from TicketyBoo Press.


Susan has the unusual distinction of arriving into this world 200 yards from where, 37 years before, Tolkien spent time thinking about hobbits. Perhaps that explains her love for, and interest in, the genre.


Married with two grown up daughters, Oracle, a gaslight Fantasy, is her first novel.


When I read this for the first time; I loved Sue's style and the story. The book is just getting its final polish and will be available on 28th January 2015.


"Pugh Avinguard is a career militia officer and has been ordered to protect a member of Timeholm’s High Forum, one Joshua Calvinward. Train crashes, riots and a terrorist shooting at the High Forum building all threaten to plunge the country into chaos. But it is the scheming of a small religious order, “The Inner Ring,” that brings Pugh’s past crashing into his present, with tumultuous repercussions.


At the centre of the maelstrom engulfing Pugh, is Oracle. A person turned into an “it”, a Glimpser, but who was once Pugh’s wife."

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