Susan Boulton: author
Susan Boulton: author

About me.


My name is Susan  Boulton and like the song by The Police says, I was born in the 50′s and I had the unusual distinction of arriving into this world  200 yards from where, 37 years before, Tolkien spent time thinking about hobbits.


I have lived all my life in rural Staffordshire, and have  a passion for the countryside, its history, myths and legends, all of which influence my work. Married with two grown up daughters, I now put my over-active imagination (once the bane of both my parents and teachers) to good use in my writing.


I have had short stories published in the following;


Flashspec volumes one and two published by EQ books

Touched by Wonder published by Meadowhawk Press.

Ruthless People

Alien Skin

Golden Visions.

The Dark Fiction Spotlight

Tales of the Sword published by Red Sky Press

Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil by Ticketyboo Press

Mirror - Kraxon online magazine.

Honestly it wasn't my Fault - Kraxon online magazine

Blood and Bone - Soot and Steel by Newcon Press.

Ab Intitio - Distaff. 



Novel - Oracle - Ticketyboo Press.


Novel - Hand of Glory - Penmore Press. 



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